Get a gym access

In three easy steps

  1. Choose a product of your liking in our webshop (”Verkkokauppa”) by clicking Buy Now (”Osta Nyt”).
  2. Enter your information on the registration form. If you have already purchased a product before, log in at the top of the form. The form asks for the following information:
    – First name
    – Surname
    – E-mail address
    – Phone
    – Street Address
    – ZIP code
    – City
    – Gender
    – Date of birth
    – Password
  3. Pay your product by clicking the payment button of your choosing.

After the payment is done, wait for the site to show a Thank You message. You’ll get your PIN code and other instructions after the purchase.


Welcome to Ruka Gym!

Ruka Gym


Rukatunturintie 9, 93825 Ruka / 040 503 3612